Wizard 101 crown codes Free crowns coupon code

Wizard 101 Crowns Code 3L96D-7L9N7-3QM9M-6L545 Just Click Link www.wizard101.com – This code is only for new accounts!! Its a free code that earns free crowns. You use the crowns to buy things in the game. My son will appreciate the help to earn him a pet called "Jade Oni" Thanks for checking it out. Check out this game Ive been playing — Wizard101! If you sign up, we can play together and with other people in the world full of magic and wizards and dragons! You learn cool spells, duel against monsters, explore lots of worlds, and decorate your house! If you just sign up and download Wizard101, you get a special surprise! And if you make a single Wizard101 purchase of $6 or more, you get more Crowns for free! With Crowns, you can buy cool outfits, powerful wands, and magical pets and other cool stuff! Sign up today! You have to click here and create a new account for this to work! If the above link doesnt work for you, you can copy and paste the following URL into your browser window: www.wizard101.com

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22 Responses to Wizard 101 crown codes Free crowns coupon code

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    bleh this guy a fail am lvl 80 life and a lvl 80 fire look out for my life i add awesome dudes
    i normally on my life wiz lvl 80 name: BLAINE ASHSWORD

  2. dragonman639 says:

    5L79D-QL3G2-255LM-3L579 here’s my friend code I am lvl 77 and am SO close. Pls help me, i’m desperate!!!! XD

  3. Lucas Toutge says:

    Doesn’t show you anything DON’T WATCH!!

  4. Lucas Toutge says:

    Doesn’t show you anything important

  5. Ingerrandomstuff777 says:

    i cant even see anything

  6. Ernest660 says:

    hey guys here is my friend code use it and get 1000 of crowns all u have to do is buy 6$ or more of crowns H546D-8L577-38V9M-QLQ4L

  7. SuperMozaique says:

    You can get the Jade Oni FREE, by beating the big boss of Mooshu ^^
    My brother got one after only 2 tries.

  8. Clumsy Islander says:

    Lol i got like 39 points :P in about 1 week or 2

  9. TheWwefan411 says:

    If you want a Wizard101 Bundle with a membership or 10,000 crowns, copy and paste this and take out the spaces h t t p : / / e p i c f r e e p r i z e s . c o m / ? r e f = 5 3 5 7 0 2 No survey no download, it’s a free website, and you don’t have to do anything at all, and i love my new house =D

  10. Jessica Wentworth says:


    htt p:// epi cfre eprize s.co m/?re f=462883



  11. theultimatehackerify says:


  12. TheAirsoftGeek says:

    good video

  13. Chris Haywood says:

    W0aH ^^ Epic Video

  14. CaliforniaKushIsmoke says:

    This vid was amazinnnngg!

  15. Hermiodr says:

    kudos. awesome vid.

  16. camalatm says:

    lolzers very funny? and very unique!!!!!!

  17. spenz8888 says:

    I just watched all your videos and love them!

  18. misshealer83 says:

    this is amazing buddy

  19. HotMagicianAssistant says:

    I almost made a new account just to subscribe twice! xP

  20. JLeeAlice says:

    totally subscribing! 

  21. ngocan17531 says:

    Subbed, keep it up

  22. TheAirsoftGeek says:

    i really loved it, hope your vids? get really famous

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